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Peach – Blueberry Cobbler
1/4c Sugar 1/4c brown sugar T cornstarch 1/2c. water combine in pan, cook over med. heat, tirring until thick. Add to this: 1c. Sliced Peached – 1c. blueberries 1 T. Lemon juice pour all this into slightly greased 8 x 8 pan. Mix 1/2c sugar, 11/2 teasp. baking powder, ½ TSP. Salt, 1c. flour. Stir and add ½ c. milk + 1/4c. melted margarine. Spoon batter over fruit. Mix: 2 T Sugar and ¼ tsp. nutmeg and sprinkle over batter.Bake 40 min. at 3750

Blueberry Pudding

3 eggs                                            2-4c. blueberries
2c. sugar                                        2 tsp. baking powder
1/2c. margarine and 3c Flour
Crisco mixed
1c milk                                            1 tsp. vanilla

Beat eggs, Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy, Add margarine and Crisco; beatwell (10 min) Add margarine and Crisco Alternately with flour baking powder mixture. Add vanilla. Add berries last by hand. Bake 3500 in 9 x 12 in. Greased and floured pen_45-60 min. depends on how many berries you add or until toothpick comes out clean. Can serve with cream cheese icing, OR just sprinkle with 10 x sugar. For special occasions COVER with the following: Philidelphia Cream Cheese frosting. 1 pk. Dream whipps beat separate with box directions. Set aside, next beat 802. cream cheese with 2/3c sugar, and 11/2 teasp. Milk. Until smooth. Add the two together by hand. Spread on cake and cover with 1 can Blueberry Pie filling.

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